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 Pelsgarn Funny Lux
Funny Lux is the best of the eyelash yarns. With more lashes per inch, makes for a more fur like item.
Funny LUX is a two-tone eyelash yarn for making scarves, hats and mittens,or for creating interesting garments by using Funny LUX as an accent yarn or combining it with another yarn. This chunky weight yarn has a short eyelash, & now only comes in 1 colour.

Tension: 14 sts = 10 cm (4") on 6.0 mm needle (size 10 US)

Yarn Info: 50 g / 56 m (1.75 oz / 60.5 yds)

100% Polyester

Machine Wash; Dry Flat.

Made in Norway.

Beige/Black 2494